About me

About me

I'm driven above all by quality in my work. I use the very highest quality Leica camera and lenses. I can photograph your wedding silently - pure documentary-style images taken discreetly. I will  deliver you a superb set of distinctive images without you ever feeling the photography is cramping your style. Be yourself, be confident, have a great time on your big day.

I live in Colchester, Essex and I’m married with grown-up children. I studied Fine Art at Chelsea and Ravensbourne art schools. I’ve been busy with creative work all my life. I’ve written for tv, published a number of novels, worked in academic institutions. But I’ve always been a photographer – at least since the age of eight when my Grandfather bought me a Kodak Cresta on holiday in Ramsgate. Luckily the wonky photographs of kerbs, lamp-posts, endless sea meeting endless sky have not survived.

Nowadays I am more likely to be found behind a digital Leica. All the pictures on this site are by me, of course.

You’ve probably noticed many of my pictures are in black and white. Of course this reflects years working in chemical darkrooms, but really the black and white represents my interest in the photograph as a graphic image.  Sometimes colour is exactly what you need. People look particularly good against green backgrounds. Sometimes colour is just too emotionally loaded for a picture - strong colours can muddle the emotional impact. Sometimes a photograph needs to be a very ‘flat’ surface - a black & white picture provides this.

I am not fixed on just one approach to photojournalist /documentary wedding photography. I want to do what works best for you and your partner.

I have another website www.johnmilne.photography for my landscape photography. Please take a look.

Are you setting out on your big adventure? Give me a call and I’ll help make it the best day of your life.

Some of my work