South coast wedding

I was fortunate enough to cover this good-looking couple’s wedding on the south coast, at Castle Goring.  We had good weather, soft light, a cheerful crowd of family and friends, a handsome groom and a beautiful bride. The beautiful venue was both classy and classic. The south coast wedding photographer is a happy man!

south coast wedding photographer

I’m dedicated to a documentary style of wedding coverage – but this is a posed photo. They are a beautiful couple, the country house garden setting was perfect… who could resist?

All this work is shot on a Leica – in this case an SL. I love the ‘Kodachrome 25’ 1960’s look it gives – like old-school colour slides.


The Leica is also silent – there was no danger of me intruding on the ceremony when I took the next picture.

Happy bride

I like eye contact in a picture – either with the camera or better yet the between the subjects. In wedding pictures it gives meaning – a sort of happy tension.

Happy guests




Everyone was carefully briefed for their role, listening or not



A happy husband takes his new bride’s hand


Of course there’s always the ‘small girl photo-bomb’ to reckon with. No-one cared – they were all too busy smiling


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