Essex engagement

An engagement in the Essex countryside.

Some people are easy to photograph. Relaxed,  good looking, laughing at each other’s jokes. Even an early winter’s day can’t spoil the occasion. I felt it was a privilege to be allowed in on their obvious happiness for a couple of hours to celebrate their engagement.

Not posed, just being themselves and responding to me and the Leica lens. Here’s to you and here’s to the future!

I loved spending time with this charming, attractive couple. It was a cold day but we wrapped up warmly and went walkabout  in the Dedham Vale. The path from Dedham to Flatford is one of my favourite walks. The autumn colours really set off their skin tones beautifully. And there was very little mud!

The autumn leaves were just about hanging on giving us some beautiful golden backgrounds. The beautiful river Stour played its part too, both in reflecting light back to us but also in setting a romantic, natural mood for our shoot.

Oh, je voudrais tant que tu te souviennes,
Des jours heureux quand nous étions amis,
Dans ce temps là, la vie était plus belle,
Et le soleil plus brûlant qu’aujourd’hui…

… says Jacques Prevert’s famous love poem ‘feuilles d’automne’ or Autumn Leaves.

Oh I so want you to remember
Those happy days when we were lovers
In that time life was more lovely
and the sun shone more brightly than today…

… is my translation.

Prevert’s work is full of nostalgia and loss – it was written in 1945. But to experience nostalgia for love you have to have experienced it. The poet needed an emotional journey for his work, as poets do. A great deal of love poetry is about the euphoria of love and the pain of loss. The life lived can of course be superior to art. And I want to add one further thought. It doesn’t have to end.

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