Kent wedding photography

Here’s a Kent wedding, a traditional high summer affair in Quex Park, Birchington recorded entirely on Leicas. Unfortunately someone had forgotten to tell the Met Office it was high summer, so the happy event took place between showers. Contact me to talk about your needs and we can arrange for me and my cameras to come and share whatever weather has been arranged.

Though the wclouds above our Kent wedding were sometimes unkind everyone had a great time and ignored the rain. Isn’t ‘rain’ what hats and umbrellas are for?

Before the event the groom and his sidesmen concentrated fiercely on getting these flower thingummy’s correct

and kept alive the tradition of the anxious wait


Eventually patience was rewarded, the bride arrived and the ceremony began.

Outside again Baisers volés or stolen kisses (for the cinephiles among us) came between the rain showers.

It wasn’t all rain – there were moments in the sun on Margate seafront

…. and everyone left happy

… especially the new husband and wife