London Barbican Jewish Wedding Photographer

Jewish weddings are fun. I loved this young couple. They had time to be warm and friendly to everyone. Their party – in a winter garden at the top of London’s Barbican – was fabulous.

I approached the event in a pure documentary style, looking for pictures which made the connections between people. There were plenty.



You can find a quiet private space in a party. Even when you are the focus.



At home before the event the groom and his brother seem remarkably calm.




But you can’t stay calm all day on your wedding day!





Kippahs available (or is it Yarmulke?)





The groom breaks the glass –  a wedding contract is sealed






For some of us the party goes over our heads – literally



A smile for a friend



reach out for my hand… the dancing begins



The traditional chair lift. Everyone looks happy and he did make it down to the ground safely





An Israeli band provided traditional dance music



while the bride and her mother whirled on the dance floor



A few tears shed – but what else can you expect?




whirling was done by nearly everyone