What’s your wedding style? Photographer help

What’s your wedding style? Roses or lilies? Orchids or tulips? Pink or blue? White or ivory?  Sweet or sharp? Formal or rave? Disco or jazz band? Everyone has a style, often two – a public and a private version of themselves. Style defines you. It gives you a narrative. It tells your story. In the case of your wedding, style tells the story of your big day. Would you like to share your style with me? Would you like me to help you build a memorable day? Contact me and let’s discuss it.

If we are to truly reflect you we have to find pictures which give us these two versions of you – the public and the private.


And in finding that we will capture that story of your special day. We’ll be able to show what it really felt like to be at your wedding.

Wedding and portrait photographs have to be about something, not merely a record that some person or some thing existed – save that for passports and identity cards. People and events have a natural, built-in story which a photographer can tease out with moments and with light.

Are you serious?






Okay, we’ve established people have characters and styles, but so do events and places. Even cars.

I like weddings of all shapes, shades and styles – who doesn’t like being in a room full of happy people? It’s a buzz. I love the sound while people are waiting for the couple, the way women are confident and comfortable at weddings, while men are slightly fidgety, waiting for a lead from their wives and girlfriends.


Happy events and the people in them are all individual and different. Think of a country house wedding, one held in a barn, one held in a formal Victorian church.


Think of a serene, quiet but happy bride, an anxious and excited bride or a bubbly, active and enthusiastic bride.

I even like to see the anxiety of the groom and his ‘guys’, sidesmen, ushers – you choose what they are called. It’s your style. It’s your wedding. But they should be a bit anxious. It’s an important day.


Think of tearfully happy parents. Of siblings wondering, me next? Of children who are nervous about their role, and anyway when are we going to have that big cake? Why is Grandad reading poetry out loud? Each event has its nature.


I want to reveal – in the nicest way – what it was like to be at your wedding, what it was like to see you on that day. I want to get the character of the place and the nature of your happiness.

I will document you, your friends and loved ones, your relatives and guests in a way which will give you a keepsake record of your happy event, something you’ll want to fetch out and pore over.


There’s Granny, Auntie, my brother, my sisters, Mum. There’s my Dad dancing. He doesn’t do it much. We know why now. There’s us dancing, cutting the cake, saying our vows, making speeches, laughing. Loving each other. Here’s to a long and happy future together.

He reads Shakespeare to you, ‘shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate.’ You cry but it’s okay, you’re happy. I want your children and grandchildren to be able to say ‘That’s what she was like on her wedding day. That’s what they were like’ and I want you to be confident they are really seeing you and the event.