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I'm John and I bring a unique approach to wedding and portrait photography in East Anglia, London and Essex. My aim in my work is to provide you with a timeless set of real documentary moments, without staging them. I'll tell the story of your day in a quiet but distinctive way. It will all be about you.  

If this approach suits you and your style then take a look around my site. Still interested?  Do fill out the contact form or give me a ring on 07973 839682. I'm on Facebook too

Different. Individual. Just like you.


Leica cameras and lenses are beloved of famous photographers and Hollywood cameramen.  They are after the 'Leica look,' a sort of glow from the lenses. It's a rounding in the colours, the way the picture goes out of focus. We want quality in a  wedding picture. Colour, bokeh, contrast giving a subtle Leica three dimensionality which is difficult to find elsewhere.  And Leica's are quiet. There will be no shutter clattering during your ceremony. I promise I will be very discreet.  

There aren’t many photographers who specialise in Leica weddings. If you’re seeking one in Essex, London or the Home Counties, there’s me. Contact me if I suit your style.

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